Field visit LERA Electric Appliance

Field visits Ningbo Lera Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. appreciate the new era of Zhejiang craftsman spirit

In July 4, 2017, Zhejiang Zhejiang University will attend the Ningbo summer school practice

At 9 a.m. on July 4, 2017, members of the summer social practice unit at the Zhejiang Gongshang University special reading society arrived at Zhejiang Ning Yi an electrical appliance Co., ltd.. After arriving at the company, we received a warm reception from our staff. The staff gave us a detailed account of the company's development process as well as all aspects of knowledge.

In the course of the explanation, the players learned thatNingbo Lera Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. was founded in August 2006, the environment is beautiful, the location is superior. Company R & D, production and sales as one, specializing in the production of power tools and garden tools, products range from two series, more than 50 varieties, mainly exported to Europe and the United states. We advocate the concept of environmental protection, through scientific research and innovation, the energy utilization rate is relatively low fuel upgrades for the lithium battery efficient environmental protection, for customers to create the perfect "LERA quality", the development of new lithium garden set, design novel, the function of location, we give the visitors left a deep impression.
In the course of the visit, from the uniform production line, we feel the "reputation first, customer first" business purposes. Through a more in-depth understanding, we understand that the implementation of modern management system of the company, the introduction of international advanced production equipment, strict quality control procedures formulated, with the goal of "zero defect" to provide customers with competitive products. In addition, both from the employee welfare facilities or from all aspects of product, we share value, win-win "have a more profound understanding, to create good enterprise culture, pay attention to the company, and strive to create a pleasant working atmosphere for the staff, share the outstanding product quality and service concept and customer. Companies everywhere for employees imagine, from the company's location, the beautiful scenery of the outskirts of the plant to the power of decoration everywhere, reflects its attention to the staff. While the company's annual performance remains at the rate of 80% growth, we should take into account its social responsibility and promote the competitiveness of the company through constant scientific research and innovation, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the company.

When it comes to manufacturing innovation and transformation, the staff introduces the company to research innovations. The first is to increase research and development efforts, including the introduction of new mechanism and retain talent, follow up company employee benefits, from multi-dimensional multi-level personnel to encourage innovation, then continue to global peers and customers exchange learning, upgrade the product to divergent thinking, so as to improve the product quality and increase the competitiveness of the company. For the training of personnel, the company has established a perfect system, in the form of practice, rotation and increase employees' perceptions of the company, so as to carry out the training for employees deeper.

In this practice research, the staff talk also inspired us to combine professional skills and practice, and deepen the understanding of the players for employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, LERA, through various upgrades, is expected to achieve the achievement goal of quadrupling its performance in 2019, and gradually push forward the goal of listing in 2019. This determination and boldness also enabled the team members to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the spirit of Zhejiang merchants.

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